Hi – we’re Julian and Marcella and this is our story.

We have been working together running our own business from home for the last twenty years and recently we realised that we could barely remember when we last had a proper holiday. Apart from the odd long weekend away, we had spent the last two decades in front of our computer screens surrounded by four walls. Cabin fever was starting to become a serious issue and we found ourselves frequently dreaming of holidays which seemed impossible to take due to our business commitments. We kept telling ourselves ‘one day’, ‘maybe next year’, or ‘when we have more time’ but more time never came and one year just rolled into the next and nothing changed ……..

Two years and all’s changed

As we ticked past the 2nd anniversary of our time with Buzz on loan from the lovely people at Laika and the Erwin Hymer Group, it seemed a good time to reflect on the last 2 years. 2 Years with our Laika Kreos 3008 (Buzz) that have changed our lives beyond recognition and as we sit [...]

The Lowdown on Lockdown in a motorhome going nowhere

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been parked up on a driveway for a month now in a motorhome going nowhere but we have!  The time has passed so quick it’s really hard to get our heads around it.  Then again it’s hard to get your head around anything at the moment isn’t it?  Still […]

Not your average house move – from bricks and mortar to motorhome

On the 17th April 2020, 9 years and 9 days after moving in, we moved out of our bricks and mortar house and into an unknown and uncertain future.  A move had been in the pipeline for the last two years and at last it happened, but not quite in the way we had planned […]

Vancakes – Quick, easy, delicious road trip recipes

It's Pancake Day, or rather Vancake Day!  And what a perfect meal they make while you're on the road.  Tasty, simple and utterly delicious, our road trip recipes are inspired by flavours and ingredients we came across on our European tour. First up is our Italian inspired duo.  A tasty savoury followed by a mouthwatering [...]

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