Our Route Around Europe

On the 14th July we left the UK from Calais and embarked on our European Laika motorhome road trip. Starting with a vague plan to skirt around North Eastern France, make our way through Alsace and down the wine route with Italy in our sights, we have and still are making it up as we go along.  Such is the beauty of motorhoming!  Plans we have in the morning are often very different to the ones we still have in the evening. Sometimes that is because somewhere else catches our eye, sometimes because of weather and occasionally because of finding somewhere to stop for the night or when we’re looking for services, electricity and decent internet/phone signals. It’s all good fun and we love the spontaneity of it, never having to worry or plan too far in advance if at all and just living in the moment, going wherever we feel like as and when we want to.

Laika Motorhomes - Enjoy the Dolce Vita

We’ve marked on the map all the places we’ve visited and stayed overnight.  Some places were just flying visits for an hour or so to look around a pretty village, others full days and nights.  It’s been fabulous to see so many villages, towns, cities and mountains that we would never get round to seeing if we had to arrange them all for long weekends from England.  We will update the map as we go and see what happens!

Update – January 25th 2019

Just updated the map and totted up the number of places we have been – a whopping 172!  The surprising thing is that we can vividly remember most of them too.  The odd place we have been was just for overnight parking or to use motorhome services and not a visit as such so we don’t remember them as much. The little towns, big cities, lakes, rivers, coast, mountains and hills all have something different to offer which is what we are enjoying most about our motorhome journey. If we are bored with towns we head to the countryside. If we have had enough fresh air for a while we head to a city. Total travel freedom.

Update – December 2019

Our magical motorhome journey has come to an end – for now!  We have plans to sell our house, downsize and buy a motorhome of our own.  We would love to buy Buzz. The Laika Kreos is such a solid, well-made and comfotable motorhome we would be hard-pressed to find a better one for our needs.  We’re still keeping our fingers crossed that we can sell up in time before somebody else buys it.  We know exactly where it’s been, how it’s performed, how reliable it is.  Plus its the literal home to where hundreds of travel memories were made.  Whatever happens we will never forget this time, journey, experience and we will never forget how lucky we’ve been.