Swapping the office for the road ....

Hi – we’re Julian and Marcella and this is our story.

We have been working together running our own business from home for the last twenty years and recently we realised that we could barely remember when we last had a proper holiday. Apart from the odd long weekend away, we had spent the last two decades in front of our computer screens surrounded by four walls. Cabin fever was starting to become a serious issue and we found ourselves frequently dreaming of holidays which seemed impossible to take due to our business commitments. We kept telling ourselves ‘one day’, ‘maybe next year’, or ‘when we have more time’ but more time never came and one year just rolled into the next and nothing changed.

One day the penny dropped and we realised we just had to make it happen. ‘One day’ became ‘today’ and we started seriously talking about taking some time off to get away. ‘Some time’ turned from a week into two weeks then three and then four – which became more than talk when we booked a one way ferry to France. Then it had to happen and ideas became plans and plans became reality. The only thing we didn’t plan was exactly when we were coming back and we ended being away for five fantastic weeks which you can read about in our blog posts.

When back and in the office it became increasingly difficult to just go back to doing the same things we had done for the last 20 years. We felt it was time to shake off the cobwebs and go and do something different – but what?
The answer to that came in November when we spotted an opportunity too good to miss on a blog we had been following – ‘The Grey Gappers’ – aka Karen and David who had been touring Europe in a motorhome loaned to them by Elddis, who were asking the question ‘If we loaned YOU a motorhome for a year what would YOU do?’

We knew instantly that this fitted in perfectly with our plans to travel more and decided to tell Elddis who are part of the Erwin Hymer Group about our ideal trip. The rest as they say is history and now we have a brand new Laika Kreos 3008 kindly loaned to us by Laika and the Erwin Hymer Group through their UK marketing team and Southdowns Motorhome Centre. We are now looking forward to and frantically planning our adventure – so much to do so little time!

We hope you will follow us in our travels as we learn from scratch ‘how’, ‘what’ and more importantly ‘where’ as we venture out into the big wide world of the motorhome, living the Laika life, enjoying the dolce vita and having many an adventure in our Laika Kreos 3008.

J – Laugh at my school boy errors, commiserate with my senior moments and feel sorry for my dear, sane and patient wife as she lives with me 24hrs a day 7 days a week etc, etc. Though she is used to it.

M Yes I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Laika Motorhomes - Enjoy the Dolce Vita