Our Favourite Places in Spain

Our favourite Spanish places and visits.


This is without doubt a beautiful and vibrant city that buzz’s with life, there are so many places to see and things to do we could  spend a day writing about them.

Full of culture, fabulous food, great bars and night life you can happily spend a few days visiting the highlights and if you have any energy left you can shop till you drop. It’s fair to say Madrid has it all and what’s more in city terms it is relatively small making it all accessible on foot should you choose we took our bikes, which was perfect.

Note: Cycling on the pavement appears to be the norm, just be careful and give pedestrians the right of way and you won’t have any problems.



We visited Granada with some friends and all agree it is one of the best cities any of us had been too in Spain which is a bold statement when you consider how many beautiful cities and places there are in Spain, it just goes to show how special Granada is.

The jewel in its crown is the Alhambra a magnificent Moorish palace located on top of the al-Sabika hill, Alhambra can trace it’s origins back to the 9th century. Two important points to consider if you wish to visit Alhambra the first and most important is to book your tickets well in advance, we would suggest at least 3 mths if possible otherwise you may not get in and make sure you arrive in plenty of time for your visit as for entry to the Nasrid Palaces you will have a timed ticket, not there you don’t get in. This makes the visit far more pleasurable as there are few crowds as a result you can really get to see the beauty of the palaces.

The second thing is to allow yourself a good few hours to get round everywhere and you will want to, it really is worth it.

As for the rest of Granada have a look at the blog post for more details of our visit.


Is a smaller city along the coast to the east of Valencia, that said we loved it there and was another perfect place for the bikes. With more than it’s fair share of Roman ruins, amphitheatre and old Spain charm with a modern outlook we thoroughly enjoyed our short time there especially in the old quarter streets at night. Do make the effort to visit you will not be disappointed.


Although we only spent a half a day in Valencia it definitely warrants a further visit for a couple of days. What we saw of this vibrant modern city had us thinking we should have given ourselves extra time. Ultra modern architecture happily rubs shoulders with traditional Spanish creating a buzzing mix of old and new.

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