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Laika Life on the Road

Laika Life on the Road

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We’ve left behind the daily strife,
traded it in for the motorhome life,
closed the office, drove away,
for better ways to spend our day.
The world is wide with an invitation,
so off we went with anticipation,
booked the ferry, got on board
crossed the channel to arrive abroad.

Our first night in France was Bastille Day
We parked Buzz up and saw a firework display
It was World Cup Final the second night
Seeing France win was a joyful sight (sorry England)
Third night in was time to relax
and look back on our motorhome tracks
We’re happy and feel we made a good start
and Buzz has won a place in our heart.

We soon got used to life on the road
Never sure what the next day will hold
Armed with guidebooks, maps in hand
We set out each day to explore the land
Mornings bring a brand new view
New places to see and things to do
Gone are the days sat at a desk
This journey we’re on is just the best.

The Sat Nav’s good but sometimes bad
In fact it often drives us mad
‘Turn left’ she says and we stare at the screen
There is no left, what on earth does she mean?
‘Go straight then take the second right’
No thanks, that just looks far too tight!
6 weeks ago we’d have done what she said,
but miles have passed and grey hairs shed
A close encounter in a narrow lane
made us promise ‘never again’!

‘Home is where you park it’ as they say
Shall we sleep by the lake or park today?
How about the orchard under apple trees
Or the artisan producer who makes that cheese?
The hillside vineyard was a great place to stop
and the wine producer with that tempting shop
Sleeping in the Alps away from the heat
Was wild and free and hard to beat.

At home it was work, dinner, TV
Now it’s just Buzz and you and me
Time stands still and yet goes fast
We live for the future and not the past
Our home is cosy, neat and small
We realise we didn’t need it all
Each day brings joy,laughter and fun
Whether clouds and rain or scorching sun.

And when this road trip finally ends
We hope our life will make more sense
A better balance, different goals
Happier minds and settled souls
Life is short and time a gift
We took the ride, made the shift
So live your life, go explore
Cram more in, just do more.

The ‘Laika life’ means more than travel
As our minds relax our worries unravel
As we motorhome across the miles
The sun comes out as do the smiles
Gelato in Italy, cheese in France
We’re quite well fed, our lives enhanced
We’ve seen stunning sights, met some friends
and made happy memories that will never end.



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