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Keep in shape on a motorhome trip

Keep in shape on a motorhome trip

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Being on the road, travelling through beautiful foodie destinations such as France and Italy is a real test of willpower on even the shortest of holidays, weeks on end in a motorhome. With this in mind we have devised The Office is Closed Guide to keeping in shape on a motorhome trip.  This tongue in cheek guide is how we would like it to work, whether it will or not remains to be seen!

  • Drink plenty of fluids – especially those that require de-corking. We find the action of repeatedly
    utilising the corkscrew to be a great arm toner. Try for several reps, building as you go.
  • Visit plenty of food stalls – samples of tasty foods and local delights are often on offer and we
    all know that small morsels don’t count and it saves you buying bigger portions that do.

  • Travel to altitude – all that cool mountain air and reduced oxygen levels make the body work harder and earns you that extra slice or two of alpine cheese.
  • Make a cake – trying to mix your batter in a small bowl with a wooden spoon rather than your usual
    food mixer burns a whole day’s calories and earns you the right to eat the entire cake without
    putting on a pound or having to share it with anyone that hasn’t worked for it.

  • Cycle up hills and hairpin bends – or watch others from the comfort of your motorhome cab. Sympathising with exhausted cyclists makes the heart beat faster, burning more energy, which you will need to top up with a plat du jour.

  • Pretend you’re going for that cycle ride – putting the bikes up and down on the rack takes a big effort and gives you a full body workout earning you an extra macaron for afternoon tea and croissant for breakfast the next day.

  • Leading nicely to – eat more cheese! You need the calcium to build up your bones for all that
    cycling you’ve been doing (or watching).

  • Get lost – frequently lifting the giant road map off the cab floor to try to figure out where on
    earth you are tones the torso and keeps those obliques in check.
  • Buy plenty of the local dried sausage – available in numerous low calorie flavours and always requiring a serious amount of cutting with a sharp knife in order to get thin slices, using an enormous quantity of dexterity, thought process and repetitive bicep movement.

  • Chocks away – you want to make sure your motorhome is perfectly level for sleeping so you don’t wake
    up with all the blood running to your head and numb feet! Adjusting the chocks several times to get
    it just right, squatting as you go, is the the perfect thigh toner.

At least, that’s what we’re planning on …….



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