For your 1st UK Motorhome Trip

How NOT to Pack for your 1st UK Motorhome Trip

How NOT to Pack for your 1st UK Motorhome Trip

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The Office is Closed Quick Guide to How NOT to Pack for your 1st UK Motorhome Trip

1 Take pillow cases BUT NOT pillows.
2 Take an IPod speaker BUT NOT your IPod.
3 Take bread BUT NOT butter.
4 Take towels BUT NOT anything to wash with.
5 Take cheese BUT NOT a knive.
6 Take a French road map BUT NOT a UK one.
7 Take a laptop BUT NOT a charger.
8 Take a coffee pot BUT NOT any coffee.
9 Take a BBQ BUT NOT any tongs.

And lastly …….

10 Take a sense of humour BUT NOT any common sense!

Whilst we were equipped with plenty of essentials we also forgot some essentials.  This is why we are so glad we spent a few days in the UK getting to grips with packing and getting to know the motorhome before setting off for Europe!  Although it seems perfectly obvious what you need to pack, it is somehow also so easy to forget the most obvious things.  We would like to thank the wonderful staff at Southdowns Motorhomes who helped us with all the accessories in our main picture above.

What We Learnt

1 Not to pack in a rush
2 Not to rush packing
3 Not to pack in a rush
4 You get the picture

As we said, we’re amateurs! Onwards and upwards ……

There was one more thing we learnt though – How fantastic it feels to drive around in a motorhome, stopping wherever you want, changing your mind about where to go on a whim and having everything you need (well almost) with you along the way.

Oh, and why didn’t we try this sooner?



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