Living with Buzz

The good, the good and the better

Living with Buzz our Laika Kreos 3008 Motorhome

Living with Buzz our Laika Kreos 3008 Motorhome

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Having lived in Buzz for over week now we feel a better equipped to fill you in on his good and bad points.

Let’s look at his bad points first –  well as yet there aren’t any to speak of other than it would be good to have an insect screen on the front Sunroof/skylight as all other windows and habitation door do. So, that is it really at the moment.

The good points are plentiful with these being the ones that affect us the most:

Comfortable – Buzz is very comfortable and easy to live with. The dinette seats especially so.  The fixed bed with memory foam mattress is still really comfortable now that the novelty has become day to day reality. It still feels far more roomy than we expected. Having a King size at home we felt we would suffer from the loss of space but were both pleasantly surprised by how much space we have.

Contenental Breakfast in Buzz the Laika Kreos 3008 Motorhome

The bathroom has plenty of room and an excellent shower – we have all we need and it is easy to use.

As for the kitchen, yes it is compact but again we have plenty of space and all we need to cook and live. The oven takes a little getting used to and a separate grill would have been nice but that doesn’t mean however that we can’t live very happily with the facilities we have.

The other main issue for most people appears to be storage, well the Laika motorhome has an abundance of it. In fact we haven’t filled it and have to regularly search through several lockers and drawers to find things.  We hid something so safely that we forgot where we put it and it took us half an hour to remember where it was and find it.  In addition the 3850kg rating on the chassis meant we still have a good 150 to 200kg to play with.

Living with Buzz the Laika Kreos 3008 motorhome

Lastly (for this post at least) living space, although obviously confined as it is in just about any motorhome we just seem to move about each other and the space with ease. Maybe that is because we have worked together for 20 years or there is more room than you realise! Probably a bit of both.

Buzz the Laika set up at Barr in the Alsace in France

In closing it is only our first week but we are more than happy with the comfort and convenience that Buzz is giving us, the most difficult part is getting used to not really having a routine/schedule and being able to do what we like. Still there are far worse problems to have.

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